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AAA Automotive Pty Ltd are based in easily accessible Mont Albert, Melbourne, on tram route 109, stop 54.
With over 35 years experience, you can trust us with all your general mechanical service needs, and all mechanical repairs.
We are an owner operated business, so customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our clients in Surrey Hills will experience a change in the performance and grip of their cars when they start bringing it to our facility for regular car servicing, log book servicing and for availing our services of an expert mechanic.

As soon as you turn on your engine, you will feel a marked difference in the sound and feel of your car, once it has gone through our car service regime. This is because our expert technicians have the skills to make the right tweaks to your car from Surrey Hills, during service that enable it to get refreshed for once again conquering the roads with pride and energy.

Mechanic Surrey Hills

When our clients from Surrey Hills bring in their cars for a car service, here is a list of things we include in our car servicing:

  • We check the lights, wipers, washers and mirrors;
  • We check all fluid levels and change/refill accordingly;
  • We check the air and oil filters and replace them if required;
  • We check the battery condition and make amendments to it as per its requirements;
  • We check the tires for air pressure and wear and make recommendations accordingly;
  • We check the brakes, brake discs and pads to make sure they are clean and in proper working condition;
  • We inspect the suspension, the heating and cooling systems, the sound as well as lighting systems to make sure your entire car components are in proper working condition.

Our checklist is quite comprehensive and we make sure not to miss out on anything when our Surrey Hills clients bring in their cars to our facility for car servicing.

Our log book servicing for our Surrey Hills clients is executed as per the requirements outlined in the log book so that your manufacturer’s warranty stays untouched and in-tact; allowing you to avail it if required. The log book servicing we execute for our Surrey Hills clients also has a comprehensive checklist followed carefully by our expert technicians to ensure that you are building a good history of car maintenance for your vehicle.

Roadworthy Certificate Surrey Hills

As an expert car mechanic, whenever our Surrey Hills clients bring in their cars for a mechanical inspection, the first thing we do is cut down on the jargon, especially while carrying out diagnosis in front of our clients. We want to speak in a language which is easy for you to understand so you know exactly what is going to happen with your car. We are a friendly car mechanic and our Surrey Hills clients will feel at ease when they hand over their cars to us for mechanical repairs.

One thing you can be sure of while availing all of our above-mentioned services is that if during the car service or mechanical repairs, we feel that any car part needs replacement, we will replace it using genuine parts only because we never compromise on quality.

Log Book Servicing Surrey Hills

Apart from these services, we can also help our Surrey Hills clients in getting a roadworthy certificate for their cars and become sure that they are safe for driving on the roads. As a licensed issuer of roadworthy certificates, we can assure you that we will do a complete and thorough inspection of your car to determine its roadworthiness before issuing a certificate.

So if you want to avail all services under one roof, in a hassle free manner, from an expert provider of car care services then contact us at AAA Automotive PTY Ltd, your leading provider of car service, log book service, expert car mechanic and roadworthy certificate issuer serving clients in Surrey Hills and other Melbourne suburbs.

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